We Make Tools That Last – Guaranteed For a Lifetime!

east coast plastics

East Coast Plastics is not just a plastic injection molding company.  We also create and fabricatesome of the most high quality tools in the industry and our tool guaranty stands behind this.  From start to finish we can create a tool that will perform flawlessly.  Trust the company that has been trusted by one of the largest tool manufacturers in the country!

We utilize some of the most high tech and up to date equipment available to the industry.  What this does is ensure a quality product, on time, at a reasonable cost.


Our process:

  • Our tool engineers will work closely with you to come up with a design and direction you want the project to go.
  • We will then come back and use our software and designing equipment to come up with the design for your item.
  • After that, it’s off to our tool makers to start fabricating the tools you need.  We also use various other machinery to create custom tooling built to your specification.
  • Once we manufacture the tool we can sample it in our molding facility.

Backed by a Guarantee:

East Coast Plastics stands by our product.  As long as East Coast Plastics is running a tool that we have built, there will never be any repair or maintenance charges.