E-C Pick

East Coast Plastic, Berlin, NJOur customers have spoken and we have listened.  The E-C Pick is a product that we created at our facility in West Berlin, NJ with the focus of helping people in the farming industry be more efficient when harvesting a crop that needs to be picked.  This product is trusted by farmers all throughout NJ especially in the blueberry picking fields of south jersey.


A product designed specifically for berry picking!

east coast plastics, berlin, nj

  • Designed for farming applications with input from farmers.
  • Stronger material than existing “fillet” box.
  • Molded in reinforced eyelets.
  • Molded in drain holes.
  • Molded in reinforced belt slots.
  • Curved body side of basket.
  • No entrapped liquid pockets (All areas drain when washed.)
  • Locally Produced in the USA
  • Increased capacity over the existing “fillet” box.